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An Enchanting Dish of Education: Enjoyable Education!

We know that every country in the world has an education system and yet there is no ready mix (recipe) available for an identical education system! This is not possible because every country in the world has different conditions, circumstances, culture and needs. Apart from that, there is huge disparity in the level of development, so no other country can create the same education system as a particular country. So can't think of a recipe for a better education system?! From what I learned through experience and reading, I present to you an excellent education dish 'Lijjatdar Education'. What are the three main ingredients of this dish?

1) Add mind-body development activities!

Education may have many objectives, but at its core is the progressive development of thinking ability. It is unwise to overdo mental activities alone to develop this ability. Body and mind are two parts of the same machine and are mutually related to each other. Do students who play kabaddi, kho-kho have only their hands and feet active? No. His mind is constantly alert and engaged in the decision-making process from moment to moment. So don't forget to add the right number of different activities to the learning recipe.

2) Use the spice of psychology!

The process of education is a process of upliftment and development of body-mind, in which thought and behavior play a leading role. That is why the principles, experiments and possibilities of psychology must be brought into education. If this scriptural rule or research spice is not used in the learning process, then such education will never be nourishing for human development. Think, would it be appropriate or inappropriate to ask students of the second standard (seven-eight years) questions about a military leader (president) of the country or about a description of village life?!

3) Remove incompetent teachers, mix in the best!

You must agree that the excellence of 'paunbhaji'(one of the Indian recipe) does not depend only on the spices, but also on the quality of the vegetables used in it like flower, tomato, peas. So, if a classroom or a school wants excellent results (or efficiency) then competent, enthusiastic and creative teachers must be added! Rather than saying that great students make great teachers, it becomes a more accepted truth that great teachers make great students. Meaning, the best way of teaching is to have competent teachers. Also, one should not forget to mix such excellent teachers properly (give them equal scope to work together). Yes, old and dilapidated training institutions must be demolished and revamped to get excellent teachers.

After adding these three things the skilled cook (principal-manager) has to add one approach and that is:

4) Don't taste the dish too often!

Our current education seems to be losing faith in what is learned, so it has abandoned frequent assessment (taking long-short exams) for verification! Teachers, principals and even the government often test education in one way or another due to the constant fear of remembering whatever has been taught! If you have to taste a dish once or twice, what happens if you taste it many times? After all, there would be no interest in such a dish, right?!

Wise readers and enlightened ones, you may not have a direct contribution in making such a dish of 'enjoyable education', but read it with your eyes, mind and enjoy it with the experience of contemplation. Make a dish like this in your organization!

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