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Book - MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE Writer - Sophie Kinsella

About the Writer:

              Sophie Kinsella is a UK-based writer whose book series Shopaholic is popular among people. She is known for her chick-lit novel. Her popular novels are I Owe You one, confessions of a shopaholic, My not So Perfect life, undomestic goddess, wedding night, surprise me, and many more.

My not So Perfect life :

            This book follows the chick-lit genre in 430 pages. This expresses a reel and real story of Instagram user Katie Brenner. She is currently living in London for a job, she is not capable of everything to buy as her salary was not that much yet but she is always perfect on Instagram as she has shown but in reality, she hates her boss Demeter and somehow she got fired. She has to go home. Then life changed and she was helping her father in their small business by telling him that she was on sabbatical which is a lie. Now once again she has to meet her boss ad her crush Alex (who is a handsome guy in this novel) as Demeter chose to spend a vacation at  Katie's farm/business. And then Katie came to know about so many real things and help her boss to come out from situations. Later she started to post real things on her feed as she actually comes to know that even her boss who has a high-powered job also balancing her life with ups and downs. 

              Eventually, the book catches a happy ending and taught us to be real in our life as well as on social media. So try to make fake feed on social media into real and then post. Because every situation is not perfect.😊😊😊

- Sanjana Saraiya (Student)

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